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We are able to meet all of your needs and provide you with the following products:

.PROBELT sealing system                                           .AB shock absorber system

.Rearing angle protection system                                .Cell cleaning system

.Wheel washer system for truck                                   .Sample collection system

.Steel Breaker System                                                  .Dust collection system and dust collection

.Complete belt conveyor                                              .Complete belt extractor

.Lifting belt                                                                   .Endless screw

.Screen                                                                        .Thermal conveyor belts (all types)

.Tape scrapers                                                             .Roller conveyor belts Rubber or PVC

.Rubber or PVC conveyor belt               


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All our products are of European manufacture and show strict quality control.


Unclogging System

Duct Cleaning System Type DGT


The DPG type decoller consists of an air reserve of 2.5 to 6l.

The supply pressure must be between 0.5 and 8 bar maximum.

The tank can be made of painted, galvanized or stainless steel.

The tank can be equipped with a bleed valve and a pressure gauge.



A pneumatic valve releases compressed air into the tank (50l in 1 / 10th of a second).

The piston is made of stainless steel and the valve body is made of cast aluminum.



The voltage of the solenoid valve can be 12 VDC, 24 VDC / VAC, and 120 VAC, 60hz.

The solenoid valve can be delivered IP55 or IP65.

The control of the solenoid valve can be carried out either by an installation automaton or by a small programmer integrated in the excitation coil.

Standard membrane of -30 <<120 ° C.

High temperature teflon membrane of -30 <<200 ° C.

The DPG decoller is supplied as standard with stainless steel fixing plate and stainless steel swivel nozzle. The DPG type declaimer can be sold with independent compressor.

Solenoid operating temperature 120 ° C.

Système AB-CHOC

AB-CHOC System

  The function of the AB-CHOC system is to dampen the fall of the product on the belt. It greatly reduces the rebound effect of the product on the strip. It significantly increases the life of the tape. The AB-CHOC system can be installed on any type of conveyor in original equipment or renovation. The AB-CHOC system consists of oscillating rollers having explanatory diagram.    



  The AB-CHOC system replaces in a very advantageous way the system of impact bars very expensive and not always effective.



Our PROBELT system is the solution for:

                       . Perfect sealing at the loading point of a conveyor.

                    . Perfect sealing over the entire length of the conveyor.

                    . Total Security (Reinstated Points Removed).

                    . Significant increase in loading volume.

                    . Removing tape offsets.

                    . Electrical power identical to traditional conveyors.

                    . Silent system (less than 50 Db at 1 meter).

                    . Simple and fast implementation.

                    . Reduced maintenance.

                    . Return on investment very fast.


Our offer includes:

                       . Supply of "PROBELT" support stations.

                    . Supply of composite guide rails.

                    . Supply of central roller supports.

                    . Supply of central rollers.

                    . The supply of the retractable corner protections.

                    . Supply of cowls.


Our PROBELT system (patented)


     Corner Protection System

Inner corner protection

Upper & Lower Roll

Our retractable corner guards eliminate the risk of re-entry (Dg    N ° 4, Decree 93/40).







Due to its simplicity and efficiency, our upper and lower roller roller protection is installed without modification of your existing stations.


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